Poker Ranges

Many Texas Hold'em hands develop into heads up situations where we have to put our opponent on a range of possible hands and then determine our chances of winning. This unique poker odds calculator compares our hero's poker hand against a range of poker hands, that you you choose. Only once we put our opponent on a range of hands, can we determine our odds of winning. Try out our free poker ranges odds calculator below!

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Learning to become an accurate hand reader is crucial in Texas Hold em. By using tools such as the Poker Odds Calculator, you can learn how to put your opponent on the correct range of hands. The PokerRanges Odds Calculator will help you determine how your hand stacks up versus your opponents' hand range. Understanding these two concepts alone will help you become much more skilled in the art of playing poker.

The poker ranges and odds calculator is simple and easy to use. Please visit the FAQ and Examples pages for a more in-depth look at using this new tool. The tool produces output that's easily pasted into a poker forum like you will find at where you can analyze and discuss the results with other poker players.

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